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About Us

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Time & Deed is  Andrew Smith and Jarett Holly

Jarrett Holly has been a musician, engineer and producer of music for over 3 decades and now has decided to write music for himself for the first time. Bringing to bear all the skills, knowledge and experience he obtained over those years.

Andrew Smith has been a singer and songwriter in various projects for those same 30 years with varying levels of success. Always trying to improve and evolve the skills and thought necessary to create music he loves.

Jarrett and Andrew bonded over the mixing of the Henry’s Child album "I Have Become". They spent hours together recording the vocals and mixing the instruments. They found they share a love of detail and the willingness to work until the sound met their standards… no matter how many takes…

During this time they realized they could, and wanted, to write songs together and Time & Deed was born. Pulling from decades of music they both loved, and a mutual love of detail, they went to work.


Time... Nonspatial and continuous, experienced in moments and events   from beginning to end. Progressing and experiencing succession of seconds to minutes and years to decades.
Deed... A  binding instrument of action exhibiting something that is done.

Time marks our experience and is indeed of our actions.

This is your time as well as our deed !

Let’s Work Together

315 W 13th ave Eugene , OR 97401

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